Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the prerequisites for matriculating into the Certified Patent Strategist program?

A. Successful candidates typically have a scientific or technical degree, good written communications skills in English (mother tongue or equivalent) and an argumentative nature. A license to practice before the USPTO is not required, but candidates that have recently received a license are likely to benefit from the course. There is no need for a legal background as the course teaches the basic legal concepts that are related to prosecution of patent applications in the US.

Q. What are the course requirements for obtaining the Certified Patent Strategist designation?

A. You must:

1) Take the two-day course entitled Patent Prosecution Strategy.
2) Complete the 3.5 hour recorded webinar entitled Boosting Patent Value Through Claims Construction.
3) Complete one approved elective which will be provided via archived webinar.

Q. How often and where are the courses offered?

A. The required two-day course entitled "Patent Prosecution Strategy" is offered in the United States and India. We anticipate offering this course in the United Kingdom and Europe in the second half of 2014. Additional venues are being assessed. For a complete listing of upcoming course offerings, please visit us here. The course "Boosting Patent Value Through Claims Construction" is offered via archived webinar and a link to this course will be sent to you following your completion of the Patent Prosecution Strategy course. The entire selection of approved electives is offered via webinar.

Q. Where can I find a list of approved electives to fulfill my requirement for taking the third course?

A. You can find a list of approved electives here.

Q. Are there any required reading materials associated with the courses?

A. The course materials and reading materials for the Patent Prosecution Strategy course will be provided to you before or during each class. Materials relating to webinars will be sent to you simultaneously with the links to the respective webinars.

Q. What examinations are required to become a Certified Patent Strategist?

A. Exams will be administered beginning in 2015. There are no exam requirements until 2015.

Q. How much will it cost me to earn the Certified Patent Strategist designation?

A. The cost for taking the required series of courses to become a Certified Patent Strategist is $2,495.

Q. How long may I use the CPS designation?

A. Once you earn the CPS designation, you may market that fact into perpetuity. To keep your CPS designation current, you must take three hours of approved electives annually. CPS designees who maintain their current status for three years will be deemed Certified Patent Strategist Scholars and this distinction will be viewable on our CPS directory.

Q. How much do the three hours of approved electives cost?

A. The three hours of approved electives — delivered via archived webinar — are available to CPS designees for $295, a 50% savings. There are no additional maintenance / membership fees. Benefits of maintaining the CPS designation are listed here.