Why Become a Certified Patent Strategist

We believe the next decade will prove rewarding for well-trained patent prosecutors. Demand for patent prosecution services should be fueled by the complexity of the prosecution process; intense patent filing activity; and, the commercial value inherent in well-prosecuted patents.

Intense patent filing activity is evidenced by the US Patent and Trademark Office currently having a backlog of hundreds of thousands of unexamined applications. Additionally, in the US alone, over a half million new patent applications are filed each year.

Many studies cite the tremendous economic value resident in patents. According to a report prepared by the Economics and Statistics Administration and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, IP-intensive industries accounted for $5.06 trillion of value added to the U.S. economy in 2010, or 34.8% of U.S. domestic gross domestic product. Also, U.S. exports by IP-intensive industries totaled $775 billion in 2010, or 60.7% of all U.S. exports.

Further, demand for patent prosecution services is met with a severe imbalance in the number of accomplished patent prosecutors. According to a 2012 report by Inovia, 33% of survey respondents had no in-house patent attorneys or agents.

In addition to the remunerative benefits, patent prosecutors are constantly mentally stimulated. They learn about breaking technologies from world-class inventors, confer with seasoned business professionals and intellectually spar with examiners. Their writing and analytical skills are perpetually challenged and even their knowledge of psychology and game theory is put to use when prosecuting patents.

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